The Burning Fiery Furnace


Bourgie Hall
June 11th, 2015

Following on the success of Curlew River, BOP presented The Burning Fiery Furnace in June 2015. It is the second of Benjamin Britten’s three church parables, and was last performed in Montreal more than fifty years ago. Stage directed by Marc Béland and presented in the ideal setting of Bourgie Hall, this production was the result of a partnership with the Arte Musica Foundation.


Nebuchadnezzar : Daniel T. Curran
Astrologer : Andrew Bogard
Ananias : David Tinervia
Misael : Andrew Fuchs
Azarias : Nathan Keoughan
Herald : Chad Sloan
Chorus of Courtiers : Arthur Tanguay-Labrosse, Kerry Bursey, Dillon Hatcher, Vincent Kim, Charles Beaudoin, Hugo Mayrand, Léo McKenna
The Entertainers : Émilie Claire Le Ménédeu, Nelleke Dagher, Alexis Charrette


Music director : Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse
Stage Direction : Marc Béland
Scenography : Marianne Benny-Perron
Costumes : Anne-Sophie Gaudet
Lighting : Cérdric Delorme-Bouchard