Nero and The Fall of Lehman Brothers


Guillet Hall, Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire church
June 14th to 17th, 2018

Set a few days before the crash of one of the most important investment banks on Wall Street, Jonathan Dawe’s Nero and The Fall of Lehman Brothers draws on baroque opera rhetoric to tell this key chapter of the last great financial crisis.

Attiring the protagonists of these events with the antique masks of Nero, Seneca, Agrippina, and Poppea, Dawe creates a terrifically chaotic universe through which the tragedy of transaction and the game of high-finance power are revealed.


Nero : Geoffroy Salvas
Poppea : Molly Netter
Seneca : Shea Owens
Agrippina : Allegra De Vita
Choir of Traders : Matt Boelher, Bruno Roy and Arthur Tanguay-Labrosse


Stage director : Maxime Genois
Set designer : Félix Poirier
Costume designer : Constance Chamberland
Music director : Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse
Light designer : Hugo Dalphond


Valentin Bajou, Alexis Basque, Catherine Chabot, Lucy Chen, Antonin Cuerrier, Matt Dupont, Simon Jolicœur, Brandyn Lewis, Nikita Morozov, Amina Tébini, Gaspard Tanguay-Labrosse, Lindsay Roberts et Abby Walsh