Quatuor pour la fin du Temps


Salle Pierre-Mercure
June 7th and 8th, 2017

“Quatuor pour la fin du Temps skilfully allies art music with contemporary dance. The work confronts two worlds and all that they transmit by emphasizing what they have in common.”
— — Marion Malique, Spirale web

Featured in this year’s edition of the performing arts festival OFFTA, this new show sheds an alternative light on French composer Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time by confronting the mystic and spiritual universe of the work with the embodied and visceral world of the dancers and choreographers Karina Champoux, Dave St-Pierre, Frédéric Tavernini, and Anne Thériault.

Dancers and Choreographers

Karina Champoux
Dave St-Pierre
Frédéric Tavernini
Anne Thériault


Violin : Julie Triquet
Clarinet : Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse
Cello : Valentin Bajou
Piano : Gaspard Tanguay-Labrosse


Video : Alex Huot
Lighting designer : Hubert Leduc-Villeneuve