Please Thrill Me


La Chapelle
Scènes Contemporaines
February 17th to March 1st, 2020

Two punks meet freight hopping in the middle of the night. Jazz, who is on a journey to define oneself and Pop who is returning home to the big city by the sea. In this oasis at the end of the world, they will meet a series of characters, all haunted by a symphony of indeterminable desires and by the irresistible dream of a life without limits. Each of them will open up to Jazz, philosophize thru the night, and share their most intimate fears and reflections on a world whose meaning constantly slips through their fingers. Through its poetry ― both naïve and lucid ― Please Thrill Me gives a glimpse of a universe in which ephemeral yet inevitable friendships arise. Life has a way of detracting our plans, of making them sway with its moods, but let us not give up until the very end. The true meaning sometimes only shows up after the last call.

A musical by Sean Nicholas Savage


Jazz : Sean Nicholas Savage
Pop : Adam Byczkowski aka Better Person
The Artist : Jane Penny
Rocky : Lulu Hughes
The Speaker : Rollie Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon


Pascal Chénard, Alexandre Colas-Jeffery, Antoine Langis, Juliette Leclerc and Max-Élie Oboukangongo-Laroche


Staging : Sophie Cadieux
Arrangements : Pascal Chénard and Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse
Choreography : Catherine Dagenais-Savard
Set : Félix Poirier
Lights : Ted Stafford
Costumes : Anne-Sophie Gaudet
Sound design : Nataq Huault
Translation : Charles Beaudoin